Hip Hop Girls – Year 5/6

Learners were challenged to create and choreograph a dance in a compelling way to a music video. This group created the dance independently, and used a variety of tools on the iPad and Mac to create their project as well as develop self management, and group work problem solving skills.

We all wanted to do a music video so we grouped together and came up with a hip hop theme. We also work really hard and worked together with our  strengths. Rylee and Chanelle choreographed the dance since they have experience in Hip Hop, and Medea learnt new moves since she is more of a gymnast then a Hip Hop dancer. We used different tools on iPad and Mac, and overcame some big challenges (especially since we filmed on a camera and had to get it from the camera to iPad and to the mac again).

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Enemy Unknown – Toowiiz Productions Year 5/6

Students chose to tell a story using a variety of tools and were responsible for the writing of the narrative, including the creation of setting, character, problem and solution. Students were required to demonstrate the understanding and effective use of parts of a narrative to create an interesting and engaging story. Students were required to use the writing of script and the editing of the movie to create effect and interest from the audience.

Students used iMovie (iPad) and Action Movie (iPad) to create and act out a movie trailer for their production. Students created their own scripted, and managed and edited their production independently.

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The Legend of Mauao – Year 4/5

Our Learning Target:
To retell the story of Mauao in our own words using the features of a narrative.
To use original and descriptive language to describe the setting, characters, problem and solution to capture the interest of our audience.

Our Technical Target:
To use descriptive language on the type drawing app to illustrate a character from the legend of Mauao.
To select and use digital learning tools that will best tell my story.

This term our school is presenting a production about the stories of our area, in particular the legend of Mauao. Being a main character in the production, this learner was partcuarly motivated. She wrote her own narrative  and used the ‘type drawing’ app on the ipad at school to create the illustration for her character. She then used ‘Reflector’ to take a screen cast of her illustration. Next this was transferred to ‘imovie’ on her laptop where she narrated her illustration using her own story- making decisions about using her voice, music and sound effects to further tell her story.


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5 + a Day – Year 1/2 (Room 9)

Room 9 chose to celebrate the end of a fabulous Healthy Eating Unit in term 2 and revisit their learning by creating a Music Video to enter into the MADE Awards. Dole NZ granted them permission to use their sound track and kindly allowed ‘FREDGE’ to visit the school – providing the children the opportunity to take FREDGE on a little field trip to the local Pak ‘n’ Save, which provided fun and consolidated learning at every turn!

This project was a celebration and culmination of a range of learning experiences completed throughout the term relating to a School Wide focus of ‘Healthy Eating’. Each experience had a clear purpose and intent which was shared with every class member. Experiences were recorded and reflected on throughout the term with a shared intent of working with a group of senior students to create a movie.

ALL students learnt and sung the 5+a day (DOLE) song.
Every Room 9 student was involved in a range of learning experiences (eg Making a different healthy snack every week) relating to the topic.
Students used ipads to take photographs and video footage through out the term.
The whole class singing experience evolved into a ‘band’ and dancers which was recorded by other students (standing on chairs!). Every project role was negotiated by students.
We sifted and sorted through loads of footage – choosing our favourites.

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Jungle Glasses – Year 4/5 (Whanau 15)

In Whanau 15 a technology based challenge was set that the whole class took part in over a period of a couple of days. Products from the challenge were then assessed by teacher and learners and some of which were than selected to be entered into the MADE awards.

This is one of the finalised in the ‘Commercial Category’

Our Learning Target:
To use persuasive language features to create an advertisement for an unusual product.
To use music and sound affects to help communicate our message.

Our Technical Target:
To select  and use a combination of apps to help us communicate our message.

Our Thinking Target:
To apply problem solving strategies when we get stuck.

The girls started by sharing their background knowledge about advertss they found memorable.   Next the girls watched commercials and identified what made them work. They identified rhetorical questions, carefully selected music/ sound effects, making the audience think they NEED  the product and a ‘hero’ who saves the day with a product.
Following this, the learners wrote their script and selected appropriate apps. They used ‘mojo masks’ and ‘imovie’ on the ipad. As the teacher I filmed scenes where both girls were involved and they filmed and edited the rest. As ‘guest actor’ I did as directed.

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The Gruffalo – Retold by Room 7 (Year 1/2)

Several teachers chose to use the MADE awards as an extrinsic drive to motivate themselves and their learners – there’s nothing better than

“Purpose, Outcome and Audience”

Amanda’s class focused on lifting oral language levels and chose to use the app Puppet Pals  as the vehicle to facilitate this.


  • To foster a love of reading and storytelling by introducing puppet pals to retell The Gruffalo story.
  • The focus was on lifting student acheivement in oral language and lsitening skils.
  • To develop oral reading, expression, understanding of symbols and text.print message
  • All key competencies were imbedded throughout this project.


  • Used ipads independently to present their own small group reading books.
  • Negotiated a shared book to retell as a class that the children really love.
  • Storyboarded and retold in groups to use as a script.
  • Used concrete materials (in this case farm animals) to buddy up and practice – one moving one talking.
  • Watched samples of shows, learners peer and self critiqued eg:
  • Focused on speech volume and distance from iPad microphone
  • Placement of characters.
  • Expression.
  • Created masks and backdrops to represent our characters.
  • Learner drawn delightful Gruffalo used this instead of a mask.


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Room 13 get clicking!

With a purpose of infusing and building on the learners new skills and experiences with their recent dabble into photography, teacher Dave Morton decided to ‘get them clicking’.

Dave chose to use the website iPiccy

You can view his teaching support material and assessment rubric below

WALT take interesting photos

When quality teaching and passionate learners combine the results are stunning!

Check out a selection of the ‘before and after’ shots below


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Middle School Photography

IMG_8737 - Version 2

In term one Paula had the opportunity to be included in the Middle Team’s two day trips – one to Papamoa beach and the other to the Mount Beach (these trips were curriculum linked to their Environment Investigations). Paula facilitated a photography rotation where the focus was on

  • Refreshing or introducing Basic Camera Skills
  • Composition – The Rule of Thirds
  • Composition – Close Up Shots
  • For Fun – Shadows


Here are just a few of the stand out shots

Rule of Thirds

greatshot          spot onDSC01583          DSC01918

Close Up Shots

DSC02241          DSC02577

Shadows                                                                    Just a great shot!

DSC01947         DSC02516



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