Wonderful Women’s Beards – Year 5/6


Learners were required to script and create an advertisement of an unusual product of their creation. They were required to use the characteristics of an effective advertisement as part of their production, effective editing and a variety of software tools. The script had to use a variety of advertising techniques, and the advertisement needed to be edited in a way that was catchy and interesting to potential viewers.

PROCESS OF THE PROJECT : (From the creators)
Ella came up with the idea of women beards. First we had to come up with the different types of beards we would have. We both wrote the script.  Holly came up with the idea of green screening for the bathroom. We had a lot of fun together while doing this.  We learnt that  sometimes things don’t go as you planned, so you might have to just change something to fit in with whatever problems we have.  We also learnt how to green screen.

Students used iMovie, and a variety of iPad apps.

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