The Legend of RATA’s Waka – Year 5/6

Students chose to retell a local legend using a variety of tools and were responsible for the adaptation of the narrative, including the creation of setting, character, problem and solution. Students were required to demonstrate the understanding and effective use of parts of a narrative to create an interesting and engaging story. Students were required to use the writing of script and the editing of the movie to create effect and interest from the audience.

Students used part of our school production script to create their story. Students created the entire setting using Minecraft and recorded the script by all logging in to the same world and acting it out. This required a huge amount of effort and collaboration. Students screencasted their work using quicktime player on one of the computers and added the voice over, and a variety of visual effects using iMovie. Students made huge efforts editing and the movie on iMovie and overcame a variety of challenges in the process.

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  1. Mrs P says:

    This is a fabulous creation, well done ! I have been inspired by the way you have captured the Legend of Rata using Minecraft. Keep up the great work.

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