The Legend of Mauao – Year 4/5

Our Learning Target:
To retell the story of Mauao in our own words using the features of a narrative.
To use original and descriptive language to describe the setting, characters, problem and solution to capture the interest of our audience.

Our Technical Target:
To use descriptive language on the type drawing app to illustrate a character from the legend of Mauao.
To select and use digital learning tools that will best tell my story.

This term our school is presenting a production about the stories of our area, in particular the legend of Mauao. Being a main character in the production, this learner was partcuarly motivated. She wrote her own narrative  and used the ‘type drawing’ app on the ipad at school to create the illustration for her character. She then used ‘Reflector’ to take a screen cast of her illustration. Next this was transferred to ‘imovie’ on her laptop where she narrated her illustration using her own story- making decisions about using her voice, music and sound effects to further tell her story.


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