Healthy Eating

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Students will ask questions about their food choices and how these affect their health, growth and development.
Students will identify their personal needs and wants in relation to recommended fruit intake.
Students will make choices about fruits that they like and dislike as a meal choice.
Students will explore pencil sketching techniques using a range of different fruits as a subject.
Students will choose & use the app. Mojo Masks on an ipad to manipulate an image of themselves to display with their fruit choices.

Different fruits were halved:
students-did pencil sketch/dyed/ outlined and cut out.
Used  ipad and  app. mojo masks manipulated the image to best effect and  took a photo of themselves.
Teacher printed photos/ put on  backing paper/cut/mounted on blocks of polystrene for 3D look.
Students-Chose a background colour/arranged the fruit and mask/ glued.
Students- photographed using ipad, added frame using website piZap.
Learning- names of fruits/ smell taste and feel of fruits/ pencil sketching techniques/ outlining, cutting  and glueing skills.
Composition and positioning within an art work.
Visual effect of using 3D image.

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