Jungle Glasses – Year 4/5 (Whanau 15)

In Whanau 15 a technology based challenge was set that the whole class took part in over a period of a couple of days. Products from the challenge were then assessed by teacher and learners and some of which were than selected to be entered into the MADE awards.

This is one of the finalised in the ‘Commercial Category’

Our Learning Target:
To use persuasive language features to create an advertisement for an unusual product.
To use music and sound affects to help communicate our message.

Our Technical Target:
To select  and use a combination of apps to help us communicate our message.

Our Thinking Target:
To apply problem solving strategies when we get stuck.

The girls started by sharing their background knowledge about advertss they found memorable.   Next the girls watched commercials and identified what made them work. They identified rhetorical questions, carefully selected music/ sound effects, making the audience think they NEED  the product and a ‘hero’ who saves the day with a product.
Following this, the learners wrote their script and selected appropriate apps. They used ‘mojo masks’ and ‘imovie’ on the ipad. As the teacher I filmed scenes where both girls were involved and they filmed and edited the rest. As ‘guest actor’ I did as directed.

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