5 + a Day – Year 1/2 (Room 9)

Room 9 chose to celebrate the end of a fabulous Healthy Eating Unit in term 2 and revisit their learning by creating a Music Video to enter into the MADE Awards. Dole NZ granted them permission to use their sound track and kindly allowed ‘FREDGE’ to visit the school – providing the children the opportunity to take FREDGE on a little field trip to the local Pak ‘n’ Save, which provided fun and consolidated learning at every turn!

This project was a celebration and culmination of a range of learning experiences completed throughout the term relating to a School Wide focus of ‘Healthy Eating’. Each experience had a clear purpose and intent which was shared with every class member. Experiences were recorded and reflected on throughout the term with a shared intent of working with a group of senior students to create a movie.

ALL students learnt and sung the 5+a day (DOLE) song.
Every Room 9 student was involved in a range of learning experiences (eg Making a different healthy snack every week) relating to the topic.
Students used ipads to take photographs and video footage through out the term.
The whole class singing experience evolved into a ‘band’ and dancers which was recorded by other students (standing on chairs!). Every project role was negotiated by students.
We sifted and sorted through loads of footage – choosing our favourites.

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