The Gruffalo – Retold by Room 7 (Year 1/2)

Several teachers chose to use the MADE awards as an extrinsic drive to motivate themselves and their learners – there’s nothing better than

“Purpose, Outcome and Audience”

Amanda’s class focused on lifting oral language levels and chose to use the app Puppet Pals  as the vehicle to facilitate this.


  • To foster a love of reading and storytelling by introducing puppet pals to retell The Gruffalo story.
  • The focus was on lifting student acheivement in oral language and lsitening skils.
  • To develop oral reading, expression, understanding of symbols and text.print message
  • All key competencies were imbedded throughout this project.


  • Used ipads independently to present their own small group reading books.
  • Negotiated a shared book to retell as a class that the children really love.
  • Storyboarded and retold in groups to use as a script.
  • Used concrete materials (in this case farm animals) to buddy up and practice – one moving one talking.
  • Watched samples of shows, learners peer and self critiqued eg:
  • Focused on speech volume and distance from iPad microphone
  • Placement of characters.
  • Expression.
  • Created masks and backdrops to represent our characters.
  • Learner drawn delightful Gruffalo used this instead of a mask.


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